We have about 87 playing members, 56 Men and 31 Ladies and play in a range of friendly and league matches to suit all ages and abilities. We also have a non-playing membership.

Our clubhouse can seat around 50 people. We have a nice sized kitchen which enables us to provide light refreshments for our visitors – usually tea, coffee and biscuits. You may fancy sitting in the sun on a warm summers day watching the bowling sipping your beverage.  We like our special days when after bowling we enjoy the rest of the evening with a barbecue.

Nowadays ladies don’t have to wear silly school hats, blazers and pleated skirts (they can if they wish) but most prefer long or cropped leg trousers, a baseball hat and an attractive white blouse.

Bowling is a simple objective – nearest bowl(s) to the jack wins but to be able to play well needs concentration and practice. All visitors are very welcome and will usually find someone on the green any morning or afternoon during the season, or use our Join Us page to find out more about us.

Next to the bowling green we have the Runwell Hospital Staff Social Club; we play short mat bowls there in the winter and host a variety of social events. It is a self-managing and self-supporting section of Runwell Hospital Staff Social Club, which has its headquarters complex containing bar with refreshment facilities, function room and snooker room.

It has been medically proven that bowls improves your general health and helps to strengthen your immune system by giving your muscles and joints good exercise. Due to the extensive muscles you use, bowls is a good full body motion, stretching the muscles and conditioning others. During an average game you will bend more than 40 times, walk approximately 1260 metres and swing your arm more than 40 times to deliver a bowl weighing more than 3 pounds.If you want to have a go we have days where there will be bowlers their ready and willing to help you. Drop by for a taster/trial/hands on experience. Just turn up for a cup of tea and give it a try.  Runwell is a
friendly club who take bowling seriously but at the end of the day if they don’t win-well, there’s always another day.

Please find our membership application form below:

RSSC Bowls Club Membership Application Form (.pdf)